Casaroro Falls in Valencia – A Jungle Excursion


Casaroro Falls in Valencia is nestled atop the mountains of Negros Oriental Philippines. This birds eye view of the terrain of Dumaguete is incredible and will feel like you are on top of the world!

With little knowledge beforehand, the journey began as a blind pick, and despite being somewhat unprepared, it turned out to be an exhilarating experience that I would do again!


How do you get to Casaroro Falls?

Casaroro Falls Map

If you’re thinking  to yourself, “Where is Casaroro Falls?” then look no further! I got you!

Depending on traffic, it will only take you around 25 minutes to get to Valencia’s famous waterfall if you take a vehicle, whether it be a car, van, or other. If you decide to take a trike it could take you a bit longer but this is totally easy to do if you’re looking for a day trip in Valencia. Refer to the included map of Dumaguete to help you plot your way there if you are coming from a different direction.

I did notice that the further you get into the hills of Valencia, the less traffic you will run into and the easier the drive will become. Nonetheless, I recommend starting early to avoid any unnecessary delays in your journey! The drive to Casaroro Falls is extremely scenic and will introduce you to aspects of Filipino living. Depending on the time of day, you may even see a thousand or so scooters lined up along the side of the road in anticipation of the rooster fights that will be happening along the way.

  • From Dumaguete City Negros Oriental, Philippines
  • Head west toward Babajuba for 43 m
  • Turn right onto Babajuba for 160 m
  • Turn left onto Jose Romero Road for 5.3 km
  • Continue straight onto Luzuriaga St for 500 m
  • Turn right onto Gomez St for 200 m
  • Continue onto Taft St for 5.3 km until Casaroro Falls

Address: 76H4+C38, Taft St, Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Casaroro Falls Valencia Negros Oriential Sign

Casaroro Falls Hike and Waterfall Details


The starting point at the mountain’s peak offers a picturesque open-air eatery with a rooftop view—a perfect prelude to the upcoming adventure and a wonderful overview of the Casaroro waterfall in Valencia. There are facilities here if you need to go. I recommend doing so beforehand. At the base of the eatery there is also a parking lot to stow your bike, scooter, or car.

The total duration of the Casaroro Falls hike will be around an hour and a half or 1.5 hours. Expect for the initial descent to take approximately 25-30 minutes. Once you’re actually at the falls spend some time taking photos and videos! It’s worth it! We spent around 30 minutes here getting those sweet Instagram shots!

Casaroro Falls is high above the city of Valencia in Negros Oriental Philippines
The lush vegetation in Casaroro Falls high above the city of Valencia in Negros Oriental Philippines

How Difficult Is Casaroro Falls?


I would consider Casaroro Falls a beginner hike but as always, take precautions to be safe. While the initial climb down to the waterfall and even the river crossing are pretty simple, the hike back up the mountain can be very exhausting if you are not prepared for it. Stop and take frequent breaks. I highly recommend bringing a water bottle with you for the trip.

How Much Does Casaroro Falls Cost?


The entry fee for Casaroro Falls in Valencia, Negros was around 240 pesos ($4.26 USD) which included a guide. Keep in mind that this is the price for foreigners and may vary and fluctuate up to 500 pesos. The price to visit the falls without any guides though ranges from 50 pesos to 200 pesos. I’ve noticed that prices can fluctuate throughout the year as tourist season picks up and slows down. Keep this in mind and bring a little extra just in case.

The trail is clearly marked and can be easily done without a guide. However there are a few locations where you may need to cross water. If you are a beginner hiker, it may be worthwhile spending the extra couple of pesos to have an experienced local show you the way. Besides, you’d be helping the local Philippines economy!

You’ll also want to bring some cash for lunch afterwards. We very much needed to replenish those calories after the long trek!

How many steps is Casaroro Falls?


The locals I was hanging out with mentioned a “short walk,” but what awaited was 250m of total decline into the lush jungle, complete with captivating water crossings. Not only did I come wearing my “Hey Dudes” I didn’t think to bring my dry bag to put my electronics or wallet in. Make sure you bring something to make your journey easier!

The total number of steps at Casaroro Falls, not including the rest of the journey to the actual falls, adds up to 335! That’s quite a few steps!

Casaroro Falls Staircase has 335 steps

Experiencing Casaroro Falls


The descent into the jungle of Casaroro Falls was both steep and awe-inspiring, revealing prehistoric-sized fauna along the way. Small landings (some with benches) provided moments of rest, though descending didn’t demand much. Upon reaching the bottom, the guides led us further up the river, guiding our group through knee-deep water crossings.

In total, we had 3 water crossings. Make sure you bring the right shoes for Casaroro Falls! I recommend either water shoes, waterproof hiking boots, or water proof tennis shoes. Despite my less-than-ideal footwear, the guides formed a human rope, ensuring everyone crossed safely. The human chain was definitely necessary in order to get the entire party across and up the river with the way the water was moving that day.

Our travel group made their way down the steep staircase into the jungle

Can I Swim At Casaroro Falls?


If you are exploring Casaroro Falls during the dry months your chances of swimming may be reduced as the natural water pools that usually exist may not be deep enough to swim. During the less dry months though, you can expect to find deep, cool pools of water to relax in and to enjoy on your way!

Casaroro Falls in Valencia Negro Oriental Philippines

The Falls at Casaroro


Our journey through the jungle led to the majestic falls, with a massive boulder serving as the perfect pedestal for that coveted Instagram-worthy shot. You should take the time to get some stylish video or photos here with the epic falls as the backdrop! After the photo sessions, the return climb proved challenging, especially for someone low on energy. This is where things personally got tough for me.

I was dealing with some sort of stomach bug and couldn’t eat or sleep in the days prior. I actually had not planned on doing any physical activities that day but misunderstood the details of the journey! Those 335 steps really took a toll, urging occasional breaks. I caution you to take your time and hydrate if you are not used to such physical activity or low on energy. The steps are sturdy but steep!

Bring a GoPro or your camera of choice to Casaroro Falls in Valencia Negros to capture those travel moments!
It is a beginner hike but there are many obstacles, so make sure you know what to wear for Casaroro Falls!

Food at Casaroro Falls


Reaching the summit, a moment of collapse was followed by recovery and the delight of placing food orders. The impressive Filipino cuisine, complemented by a refreshing coconut, provided a well-deserved reward. Casaroro Falls offers an experience where you feel like you can touch the clouds—a journey marked by unexpected surprises, light physical challenges, and the sheer beauty of nature.

Food at Casaroro Falls in Valencia Negros Oriental
Food at Casaroro Falls in Valencia Negros Oriental