During my impromptu visit to Central America, I found myself on the picturesque San Pedro Island Belize, with no prior arrangements for accommodation. As I meandered around the island in my trusty golf cart, soaking in the island vibes, I stumbled upon Bella Vista—an oasis of tranquility nestled amidst the swaying palms and azure waters.

Places To Eat In San Pedro


I last visited San Pedro in September of 2023 which is considered the off-season for Belize tourism. Many of the establishments we visited were out of stock of most menu items and it was honestly a bit of a struggle to find what we were interested in and was mostly reduced to chicken and rice options. With that being said, there were a few restaraunts that stood out that I wanted to go over today. I’ll be back on San Pedro in a few weeks so keep an eye out on this post for more food related updates!


  • The Factory Restaraunt

This was honestly one of the coolest restaraunts I could have hoped to have stumbled upon during my random golf cart trek across San Pedro on a hot September afternoon. I was a bit nervous at first given that we were the only patrons but that was quickly reduced and set to the side as the owner approached us and introduced himself. I was shocked to learn that not only did he have beef in stock, but that it was all fresh from that very morning. The owner is very proud of his ability to keep items fresh and in stock during the off-season and I was extremely excited to try it out by ordering a burger!

If you’re looking for ice cream this is also THE place. The staff makes several dozen flavors by hand every week and from my understanding will sell out of all of them by the end of each week!  Get it while you can!


  • The Blue Water Grill

 This is a lovely spot right on the beach. I had a very large appetite for some lobster and was delighted to find a lobster po’boy option on the menu which I ordered as soon as the wait staff made their way over. While we waited for our food, we were able to enjoy the happenings occurring on the beach next to the outdoor (but covered) dining area such as the dog training group conducting dog walking and training. That was super cool to watch!

The food is absolutely delicious and even with several other patrons in attendance, the wait was only a few minutes. This was a perfect meal on our way off of the island. The dock is just a few minutes up the street or beach and you’re back on your way!


Special Consideration

  • The Black Pearl Restaraunt

While I did not end up eating here, we did stop in and had a few drinks. The timing was unfortunate and the establishment was out of stock on about 95% of their food menu so we opted to enjoy some refreshments and to take in the breeze from the open bar at the rear of the restaraunt.

The building itself provides some pretty cool vibes and is multi tiered. The wait staff was all very lovely and while the inventory was low, the normal menu was very diverse and offered all of the awesome Belizean food you would expect. I am excited to go back here when I return this year!

Bella Vista Resort


From the moment I stepped foot onto the property, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality by the attentive staff. As I checked in, I was offered a refreshing welcome drink by the poolside, setting the tone for a relaxing and memorable stay. Opting for the top-floor suite, I was immediately struck by the breathtaking panoramic views of the pristine beach and the shimmering expanse of the ocean stretching out before me. Each morning, I reveled in the simple joy of sipping my coffee on the private balcony, basking in the golden hues of the sunrise as it cast its warm glow over the tranquil surroundings.

One of the most enchanting features of Bella Vista is its meticulously landscaped grounds, complete with winding pathways that beckon guests to explore. As I strolled along these paths, I encountered an array of tropical flora and fauna, including the magnificent iguanas that basked in the sun, adding a touch of exotic charm to the experience.


Free Snorkel Gear and Kayaks


As evening descended, the enchantment of Bella Vista only deepened, with the emergence of live entertainment provided by a talented local flutist and vocalist. Dining under the stars, I was serenaded by the soulful melodies that filled the air, creating an atmosphere of romance and serenity that was simply unforgettable.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of my stay at Bella Vista was the wealth of complimentary amenities offered to guests. After indulging in a sumptuous breakfast spread, I eagerly seized the opportunity to equip myself with snorkeling gear and a kayak, both provided free of charge. Venturing out into the crystal-clear waters, I embarked on an exhilarating solo excursion to explore the vibrant marine life and coral reefs that lay just beyond the shoreline—an experience that left me in awe of the natural beauty that surrounded me.

In addition to snorkeling and kayaking, Bella Vista also offers guests access to a range of other activities and facilities. From beach volleyball and paddleboarding to yoga classes and sunset cruises, there’s no shortage of ways to unwind and embrace the island lifestyle.




In summary, my spontaneous retreat to Bella Vista on San Pedro Island was a true revelation—a harmonious blend of luxury, relaxation, and adventure set against the stunning backdrop of Belize’s coastal paradise. It’s a destination that captures the essence of island living at its finest, offering an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its breathtaking scenery, warm hospitality, and wealth of amenities, Bella Vista truly exceeded all expectations, leaving me with memories that will last a lifetime.